PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO telling stories

I’m a photographer and film maker specializing in commercial and landscape photography.

I work with companies and artists to bring their story to their customers. I work with tourism industries to create images that capture the imaginations of millions. I produce fine art prints of the worlds we live in for corporations and collectors.

I started as a photographer in my teens, then spent a decade as a music producer & engineer making records, radio ads and soundtracks. I spent a decade as a director/editor producing TV commercials and documentary films.

Capturing images that invite the eye and help tell stories of worlds & ideas and products is what I specialize in.

My clients include Starbucks, Expedia, PepsiCo, Genie, Ag Processing, Pasha Automotive, Port of Grays Harbor and Grays Harbor College.

If you’d like to discuss a project, request a quote, license an image, or just have questions, feel free to contact me. I’d love to talk with you.

In addition, fine art prints are available from me directly.